Men's Tennis
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Men's Tennis - Mon, Nov. 26, 2012

Name: James Bragg

Sport: Tennis

Hometown: Menifee, CA

Major: Sports Management

Plans for the future? To rule the world.

Why did you choose to go to Bethany? They made me an offer that I couldn't refuse.

What has been your favorite memory from college? When I made it to the ITA finals in doubles and singles.

What drives you as an athlete? The drive to win at all costs is what my family taught me.

What is a talent outside of your sport that you possess? Play me in Call of Duty and you will see.

What is something very few people know about you? I grew up playing football before tennis.

Favorite food: Sushi

Favorite place to eat: One Sushi

Favorite beverage: Root Beer

Favorite TV show: Californication

Favorite book: The Shores of England Far from Our Country and Wives

Favorite class: Ethics

Favorite movie: Scarface

Favorite band: Lil B, Chief Keef

Favorite holiday: Christmas

Favorite website: fromuthtennis.com

Favorite actor: Al Pacino

Favorite quote: "Money, power, then women"- Scarface

Favorite pro team: Buccaneers

Favorite college team: USC

Morning or night? Morning

Eat out or cook? Eat out

Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi

Steak or fish? Fish

Pro or college? Pro

Rap or rock? Rap

What is your ringtone? The Shores of England