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Baseball - Sat, Apr. 27, 2013

by Ashley Conrad

Rain is the winner of the day as the weather put a damper on the Swedes' Senior Night on April 26. Bethany was scheduled to play a doubleheader against the Tabor College Bluejays; however, the second match-up was called after the second inning.

The Swedes will bid farewell to eight seniors: Roemon Fields of Seattle, Wash., Anthony Traverso of Atascadero, Calif., Matt Gabrielson of Riverside, Calif., Ryan Gunther of Santa Clara, Calif., Blake Froome of Wichita, Kan., Morgan Heiman of Connell, Wash., Jose Rodriquez of Vista, Calif., and Boston Draper of Mesa, Ariz.

Game 1 – Bethany 0, Tabor 7

The Bluejays, currently second in the KCAC, showed their offensive strength in this game. Tabor took the 3-0 lead early in the first inning. The Bluejays added two more in the second to lead 5-0. Tabor secured the win after plating two more runs, one in the sixth and seventh innings.

The Bluejays had two doubles, five stolen bases, and one error. The Swedes made three double plays and incurred two errors.

Clayton Cozzitorto pitched 5.0 innings for Bethany. He recorded five earned runs and three strikeouts. Robert Johnson relieved him for 2.0 innings, incurring two earned runs, four walks, and throwing one strikeout.

Game two for the Swedes saw them trailing the Bluejays 4-0 in the second inning. It was decided to suspend the game after the rain became too heavy to play. The make-up match is to be determined.

The last regular season games for the Swedes will be on April 27 against Tabor in Hillsboro. The first pitch is set to start at 2 p.m.