Head Women's Basketball Coach Brett Morehouse
Head Women's Basketball Coach Brett Morehouse
Bethany - Fri, Aug. 2, 2013

The Bethany College athletic department has been out helping Lindsborg residents clean up from the flood that occurred on Monday, July 29. Over five inches of rain fell in less than 90 minutes, flooding homes and businesses.

Dean of Athletics Dane Pavlovich, women's basketball coaches Brett Morehouse and Eddie Fultz, Head Softball Coach Janice Esses, football student coaches Carl Bunch, Daniel Green, and Clint Wood , and football team members Josh Anguiano, Justin Bane, Tevis Linnebur, Steven Williams, and Caleb Worley, spent time helping Lindsborg residents clean out basements.

"It was very humbling and had many moments that made you really appreciate the opportunity to help the people of Lindsborg," says Bunch.

Linnebur adds, "It was sad. I'm glad we were able to get out and help the community."

Lindsborg officials estimate the damage at $3.8 million following inspections. The Smoky Valley High School football team also contributed to the efforts around town.

Bethany College experienced minor flooding in some areas of basements, but there was no buildup. Campus Facilities are equipped to handle water flow and they removed the water and began drying out wet carpet and flooring without interruption to normal operations.

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