Bethany College Athletics Staff

Bethany College Department of Athletics
335 East Swensson Street
Lindsborg, KS 67456

To reach a campus extension, dial (785) 227-3380.  At the prompt, enter the extension.

Athletics Fax: (785) 227-2021

Dane Pavlovich ImageDane PavlovichDean of Athleticspavlovichd@bethanylb.eduExt. 8369
Tony Stennett ImageTony StennettCoordinator of Athletic Commstennettca@bethanylb.eduExt. 8337
Laura  Moreno ImageLaura MorenoAthletics Admin/Asst Athletic Commmorenolc@bethanylb.eduExt. 8184
Joyce  Pigge ImageJoyce PiggeFaculty Athletics Representativepiggej@bethanylb.eduExt. 8215
Athletic Trainers
David Slack ImageDavid SlackProgram Coordinatorslackd@bethanylb.eduExt. 8280
Jimmy Caiola ImageJimmy CaiolaAT Clinical Education Coord.caiolajm@bethanylb.edu8343
Laura Stenlund ImageLaura StenlundHead Athletic Trainerstenlundl@bethanylb.eduExt. 8315
Dallas Fenn ImageDallas FennAssistant Athletic Trainerfenndk@bethanylb.eduExt. 8312
Juliann Plimpton ImageJuliann PlimptonAssistant Athletic Trainerplimptonjm@bethanylb.eduExt. 8312
Andrew Bartman ImageAndrew BartmanHead Baseball Coachbartmanar@bethanylb.eduExt. 8333
Greg May ImageGreg MayAssistant Baseball Coachmaygm@bethanylb.eduExt. 8333
Anthony Flask ImageAnthony FlaskAssistant Baseball Coachflaskat@bethanylb.eduExt. 8333
Men's Basketball
Clair Oleen ImageClair OleenHead Men's Basketball Coacholeenc@bethanylb.eduExt. 8176
Denver Cobb ImageDenver CobbAssoc. Head Men's Basketball Coachcobbd@bethanylb.eduExt. 8313
Women's Basketball
Brett Morehouse ImageBrett MorehouseHead Women's Basketball Coachmorehousebm@bethanylb.eduExt. 8177
Rhys Pihl ImageRhys PihlAssistant Women's Basketball Coachpihlrn@bethanylb.eduExt. 8177
Men & Women's Cross Country
Aaron  Yoder ImageAaron YoderHead Cross Country Coachyodera@bethanylb.eduExt. 8331
Cheer Squad/Dance Team
Todd Robinett ImageTodd RobinettHead Coach/Strength & Conditioningrobinetttj@bethanylb.eduExt. 8325
Paul Hubbard ImagePaul HubbardHead Football Coachhubbardpl@bethanylb.edu
Kenne Pitts ImageKenne PittsDirector of Football Performancepittska@bethanylb.edu
Men and Women's Golf
Jon Daniels ImageJon DanielsHead Golf Coachdanielsj@bethanylb.eduExt. 8174
Men's Soccer
Shane Taylor ImageShane TaylorHead Men's Soccer Coachtaylorsb@bethanylb.eduExt. 8336
Gil Navarro ImageGil NavarroAssistant Men's Soccer Coachnavarrog@bethanylb.edu8336
Women's Soccer
Sean McMannis ImageSean McMannisHead Women's Soccer Coachmcmanniss@bethanylb.eduExt. 8341
Torree Soelberg ImageTorree SoelbergAssistant Women's Soccer CoachExt. 8341
Janice Esses ImageJanice EssesHead Softball Coachessesj@bethanylb.eduExt. 8180
Laura Moreno ImageLaura MorenoAssistant Softball Coachmorenolc@bethanylb.eduExt. 8184
Mike McCormick ImageMike McCormickAssistant Softball Coachmccormickme@bethanylb.eduExt. 8180
Men's and Women's Tennis
Vic Bateman ImageVic BatemanHead Tennis Coachbatemanv@bethanylb.eduExt. 8330
Tony Swiantek ImageTony SwiantekAssistant Tennis Coachswiantekt@bethanylb.eduExt. 8330
Men and Women's T&F
Ken Ciolek ImageKen CiolekHead Track and Field Coachciolekkf@bethanylb.eduExt. 8414
Drew Frizzell ImageDrew FrizzellAssistant Track and Field Coachfrizzelldw@bethanylb.eduExt. 8331
Aaron Yoder ImageAaron YoderAssistant Track/Head Cross Countryyodera@bethanylb.eduExt. 8331
Cody Garcia ImageCody GarciaHead Wrestling Coachgarciaco@bethanylb.eduExt. 8552
Marvin Tischhauser ImageMarvin TischhauserAssistant Wrestling Coachtischhauserma@bethanylb.eduExt. 8299
Melissa Hardman ImageMelissa HardmanInterim Head Volleyball Coachhardmanmd@bethanylb.eduExt. 8350